So, I got an email from a reader the other day.  She wanted to know how she could eliminate, or at least seriously reduce, anxiety from her everyday work life.

“I just want to be able to relax at some point during my day” she said.  “Whether it’s before work, during, or after, I just want a little bit of relief, you know?  I can’t seem to get rid of the physical symptoms and it’s super annoying”

I hear ya.  Many people feel that sense of annoyance, and it bothers some of us more than others.  It’s worse/more frequent for some of us than others.

“And sometimes I know exactly what’s bothering me, like if I’m worried about something I said in a meeting or a deadline, and I feel all tense.  But sometimes, I’m not even sure why I feel this way, but it’s just like a general overwhelm”

Yep.  Still with ya.

“And I don’t really want to take a prescription medication.”

Fair enough.

Now, I’m in no way against the short term of prescription drugs when needed but hey, if they’re not needed/wanted, or if you’re not ready for that yet, fear not.  While I may not be a clinical expert, I am a human being that has used various supplements to help with anxiety, so here is a list of some of the things that worked for me.

Note, that I don’t get paid to ‘endorse’ any of the things below.  I’m pretty sure doesn’t even know that I exist.  It would be damn cool if they did, but…yeah it’s unlikely.


For the purpose of this post, I’m going to keep this to “things” that are ingested/not ingested.  Cause I could write a novel on meditation and shit like that but, that’s for another post.  Here we go.

#1  Magnesium  

So, I didn’t really think that minerals did much of anything until I was prescribed prescription Vitamin D from my family doctor cause I was tired AF all the friggen time.  But let me tell you that super strength Vitamin D depleted my Magnesium levels so bad I felt like my insides were shaking.  My mind wasn’t necessarily going mentally nuts, but I had what I termed the “inside shakes”.  After a lot of google searching, I popped two pills of Magnesium Malate and lo and behold – the inside shakes actually went away.  I was convinced.  I now take two of these usually around meal time, sometimes before bed, sometimes in the morning, just depending on how I feel.  You can also get some magnesium bath salts and chill out in the tub before bed…which is something I also do.

#2  L-Theanine

L-Theanine is the basically the component of green tea that makes monks so serene.  Okay while that may not be scientifically proven, it is definitely the animo acid found in green tea that is responsible for the beverage’s calming effects.  I wear a Fitbit pretty regularly and I definitely notice that it lowers my heart rate, which is my own scientific evidence that this is doing something.  I definitely find that I have more mental clarity when I take L-Theanine, which I take almost every day.

#3  Green Tea  

See above for L-Theanine.  Same concept.  I feel much better if I have even a black tea or yerba mate, versus a coffee, though I really love a good cup of java.

#4  L-Methylfolate

So it actually *is* a scientifically proven fact that some people with chronic depression and/or anxiety may have a chromosomal abnormality that prevents them from properly breaking down important B-vitamins.  It is essentially the already broken down form of folic acid, and if your body can’t break down folic acid, this does the work for it.  There’s a genetic test you can get to see if you have the the MTFHR mutation, or you can just buy the L-Methylfolate on Amazon and see if it works for you.  It’s not cheap, but it’s still probably less expensive than the genetic test.  FYI, I’ve also tried the prescription and IMO this works just as well.

#5  Propranolol  

Okay, this is a prescription medication, but it’s a pretty benign one.  It’s not addictive, it’s not a benzo, it doesn’t make you feel weird, it’s just a blood pressure medication.  That lowers your blood pressure.  So if you’re having some debilitating physical symptoms of anxiety, for example if you’re shaky or your voice trembles or even if you are flushing, it might be able to help you.  It even has an FDA indication for people who have ‘performance anxiety’, aka public speaking.  It personally really helped me with public speaking, and this is coming from someone who used to need a Xanax or two to talk in front of people.  It was a pretty big, and reliable, relief.

#6 Adreno Lyph Plus

Let me start this off by saying that this stuff smells and tastes absolutely disgusting.  Like, it’s pretty vial.  I mean, it’s a capsule but it still made my purse stink and I felt like I could never get the smell out.  HOWEVER, it does work.  Essentially it is dehydrated pig adrenal gland, pressed into a tablet.   But apparently it goes directly to your own adrenal glands to help you rebuild, especially if you have adrenal fatigue.  And if you have chronic anxiety, you probably have adrenal fatigue.  Give it a shot, it for sure works.

#7  Phenibut (but BE CAREFUL)

This supplement is technically legal in the United States, but it’s prescription other places in the world.  It has an effect on the GABA-B receptors in the brain, which are responsible for counteracting glutamate, which is the stimulating neurotransmitter.  It works kind of like a benzodiazepine, but is less addictive.  It’s less effective, but less addictive.  But it is STILL addictive.  But, short term, if you’re super desperate, it does work.  Never take it multiple days in a row, and definitely do your research.  Apparently the trusted site I purchased from no longer carries it – even more reason to be a bit sketched out.  But looks like you can start your research here.

#8 Drink more water

So, being the super smart independent chick I am, I also thought this was kinda just hype.  Until I started drinking more water and actually felt better.  I have a couple of theories why I believe this is so:  a)  I think it dilutes the excessive amount of caffeine I sometimes intake and b) it signals to your body that you’re taking care of it, which has a calming effect. So, try it.  Toss a lemon in there or something.

What do you have to lose?

None of these things are really expensive, and most you can find a Walgreens or what not.

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